Good music is good music, the various ethnic musical traditions are the basis of today’s so-called Western music. Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews were only a few who contributed to today’s cultural traditions development.

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Sephardic music tradition is closely related to various Arabic. However, it is closer to the
North African than the Yemeni. Jews who came to Israel after 1948 have enriched the
Serphardic tradition with almost all Arabic music traditions.
It has no similarities to the East European Yiddish music – Klezmer.

Nowadays, Jewish folk music is also related and influenced
by all the environments where Jews have lived and live today.
Everything from African American jazz (about 1 million Jews living in New York)
to Swedish folk music, and so on.

Y I D D I S C H E  –  K L E Z M E R
I got the Klezmer and Yiddish culture with the mother’s milk.
Later I was also in love with the Sephardic (Spanish-Jewish) tradition.
I like all the usual Klezmer songs but have both written myself and together with
others in the same tradition. (Melody site).

As a freelance performing artist I perform myself or in small constellations.
Most klezmer gigs, in smaller contexts, I play as a duo with an accordion player.
– Get good musicians with a good PA (sound system) sounds better and more
than most big amateur bands. At larger festivals and gigs, I play like the quintet.
(Trumpet, clarinet, accordion, double bass and drums).

The best part is always to assume the existing conditions for a good flow throughout the program.
Call, I will solve this so that your wishes and ideas will be real.
tel. +46 707 450540