Shlojmelle – The Klezmer Meshuggene


(Jiddisch: Salomon – den spel tokige)

I got the Klezmer and Yiddish culture with the mother’s milk.
I have driven many klezmer projects. In Sweden, there have been
cultural schools and choirs. There are some different arrangements.
It always starts with a personal meeting where clients and
I together review existing assumptions and wishes.
An important part is to be able to define the content
of the project so that we get a manageable scope.

I have the musical content / notes in Sibelius and or pdf format.
As a rule, I never bring ”my musicians”, I think it’s more interesting to have local musicians.

At instrumental concerts, I have my own accordion player.
I also have a quartet set where I add a double bass and a clarinet.


Curious? Could this be a realistic project for you?
Contact me for further details.

Salomon Helperin / tel. +46 707 450540

Jewish Music – Modern Vintage
I have always wanted to search for new musical ways based on the multifaceted
Jewish music cultures. As an artist, my main goal is to enrich and touch different
types of audience. For me, this does not go without an intense interaction.

Both the audience and, on those occasions I’m not a single artist, with the other stage performers. Then it’s just as natural for me to develop the sound image with electronics (effects, loops, etc.)

.. like playing the Shofar acoustically,

.. or electroacoustic with Larisa,