שלמה בן ורד  – Shlomo Ben Vered

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden. Second generation from a Jewish area in Tsar Russia.

Began playing the trumpet and piano at the age of five. When I turned sixteen my life got very intense, mixing studies at Music Conservatory with playing trumpet in symphony orchestras worldwide.

My artistic inspiration came in the 1970s from below Maestros – The Greatest Conductors:

Maestro Sergiu Comissiona

Birgit Nilsson and Maestro Sixten Ehrling – ”Aida” 1971 Gothenburg

Maestro Michael Tilson Thomas


Maestro Zubin Metha

 Maestro Leonard Bernstein

Maestro Herbert Blomstedt

Maestro Esa-Pekka Salonen


Learned at a young age to love, respect and convey tradition-bearing music. Some of the greatest conductors and performers contributed to my basic musical development. (above mentioned Maestros) Worked in various symphony orchestras worldwide. 1972, 1973 and 1974, as the only Scandinavian trumpet player who qualified for the ”World Orchestra” of Jeunesses Musicales. The orchestra, lead by the greatest maestros in the world, (above) toured in Europe, US, Canada and Israel.


My Trumpet Professors/teachers:

1959-1967; Stig Alkhede, Goteborg

1968- 1974; Professor Bent Eklund – Goteborg, Oslo
And his teachers; Four below professors.

Knud Hovaldt – Copenhagen

Professor Edward Tarr – Basel, New York

Professor Vincent Cichowicz -Cicago

Professor Harry Kvebaek – Oslo

The Master of contemporary art of electronic trumpet playing – Palle Mikkelborg.



Between 1975 and 1980 I worked as conductor, composer and musician at The Main Dramatic Theater of Gothenburg and other artistic institutions. From 1980 and onwards I have chosen to work strictly as a free lancer. As an independent artist Igot experience from different resorts:

Baroque Concerts, 1974 – 1982 in Dalsland-Sweden, Prof. Bengt Eklunds Baroque Ensemble. From left: myself, Kaj Nystrom, Torbjorn Hultmark, Martin Soderlund, the organ player BoUrban Nordgren, Professor Bengt Eklund, Agne Beckung, Helen Bengtsson, Lars Eriksson, Eber Akesson, Agne Jansson, Magnus Johansson, Borge Westerlund and Claes Willig.

Roland Flood, myself and Enar Jonsson – the Trumpet section on Lee Hazelwoods Show 1977 in Goteborg. With Maestro Mirco Bratichevic

Division leader and trumpet player with the great Chorus  – Worldwide.
Europe tour, with another 2 full-time Albert Halls / London with Cliff Richards in 1974

Bo Starander – Mr Tal&Ton Music production.

Film score production, Tal&Ton, Gothenburg 1979:

Preforming with:

Jan Peter Big Band – US tour 1974

Montevideo” – record labels JUPITER INDUSTRY. JAPAN – world wide rights.
With Ulf Wakenius, Hasse Ohlsson, Tomas Fanto, Matz Nilsson, Anders Kjellberg, Mikael Andersson, Kent Helgesen and Jan Forslund.

The horn section of M`Bango X (
Fela Kuti Afropop) – Heavy Afro Pop / Fela Kuti 1980. Bottom line from left: Harald Stenstrom, Olle Niklasson, Mats Eklov and Bert Lloyd. Top line from left: myself and Magnus Johansson.



And along others;

Mount Everest demo

Jerusalem Jazz Festival 1982 with Leroy Lowe, Sergei Muchin and Lars Jansson

..and a gig at the Club Pargod – Jerusalem.

The Circus Orchestra of Olle Niklasson 1983.

After Shave & Galenskaparnas Orchestra 1985. In the front – my daughter Sara (2 years old)

Mats Eklöf, Olle Niklasson and myself – the Horn section ”The Screamers”.

AESTUS – a Art movie for SVT 1986. Prod. Ulf Aldevinge

On Way Tahiti – a DOC movie for SVT 1991. Prod. Ulf Aldevinge


Film scores to Ulf Gadds AESTUS. Ulf passed away 2008.

Liepajas Symphony Orchestra working with my Trumpet concert, opus 62. 1996.

Backstage with Barbro Svensson… somewhere in Sweden

Backstage with Harry Goldstein

PantominConcerto with Phax Ahamada

Shofar playing on Rosh Hashana/Jom Kippor.

Viva Las Vegas gigs


Developed my electric trumpet playing with MIDI blower MDT.

The Dynamo Horns – the most widespread horn section in the samplist’s Universe…as we know it,,

Swedish Wind Music.

Baroque concert with Sara

Opening event with The King of Sweden. 1998.

Opening concert with The Tyfon Organ – The instruments first gig at Culture night of Goteborg 2002

Salomon Helperin Yiddish Salsa Band.

Sacral placid

KOHELET; Act III – My self, Harry Goldstein and Phax Ahamada

Zebra Syndicate at Nefertiti

Cantor Louis Garb and Cantor Laszlo Pasztor, soloists and the 2 chorus, 5 shofar payer, 12 brass and 2 harps, in opus 107. At 150 Anniversary of The Synagogue at Goteborg 2005.

Klezmer trio with Max Wulfson and Jonatan Jonsson. At ”Borsen” 2005.

Started Rune Seléns Culture Fundation – 2005

The City of Goteborg’s Monument over the Raul Wallenberg, May 23, 2007

Summer gigs 2007 with Said Belhaj at Bersa.


Folk music Festival at ”Stallet”, Stockholm 2007.

recurring projects
Klezmer project with Mimers Youth Orchestra 2007

The 2007 Hasselblad Award Winner Nan Goldin

Africa pop alá Fela Kuti with M´Bang X

ZebraSyndicate at Nefertiti 2008

Memorial Day of The Holocaust.
With Bengt Nilsson at the Synagog of Goteborg 2009.

Mimers Trumpet Festival 2009

WordWideWindEnsemble, concert at Gothenburg Cathedral 2009. Said Belhaj – didgeridoo, hunting harp. Roy Andersson – shells, barks. Sam Helperin and myself – alp horn, duduk, zorna and shofar horn.

a lot of gigs with Said Belhaj …the Gothenburg Cathedral

or club gigs

Playing at the artist Claes Hakes pice of art, Central Station of Goteborg

Klezmer project with Kulturskolor in Swewden

The Brother Helperin playing summer gigs.

The City of Goteborg Monument over Holocaust 2009

Sacral Placid July 2010 at the Gothenburg Cathedral article 2010-GP

Klezmer trio with Jonatan Jonsson and Camilla Åström,

A D A M gigs with Phax Ahamada – Creating School Project 2010 – 2012

European Jewish Federation Conference in Budapest

Sacral Placid – church gigs

Inauguration of Water Environment Authority 2011

Ingemar Johansson – the sculpture was inaugurated Saturdag 17 September 2011 at The Ullevi Stadion, The Ingemar Johansson Plaza, Gotheburg. With trumpet and Tyfonorgan.

Cultural feast in Gothenburg 2012 with Phax Ahamada

West Got Barkhorn Blowers – at the Opera 2012
Rune Seléns Culture Fundation

ZebraSyndicate – Live at Nefertiti okt. 2012.
With Eriq Olin -guit. Negar Zarassi – voc. Alex Gabay – bass and Phax Ahamada – dance.

Negar Zarassi and The Orchestra – concerts and event gigs in Sweden 2012.

…and opera duo – Annedals Church – Gothenburg.

Mimers Trumpet Festival – Kungalv, Sweden.

Inauguration of ”Positive Park” May 25, 2014

lurspel2013 17
Rune Seléns Culture Fundation

lurspel2013 19
With Nils Landgren – the receiver of the Barkhorn of The Year 2013,  August 17, Opera of Gothenburg.

With Phax – ”MoveByBike” – Gothenburg

Gigs with Negar Zarassi, as duo or with ZebraSyndicate.

Solo Concert of the Gothenburg Cathedral.

Klezmergig – Gothenburg April 2014

May 9, 2014 Inauguration ceremony – the linking of existing conference building (Gert Wingårdh) with the new hotel building. The owner – The Family of Brandstrom with Jonas as a driving engine, expands this his idea with Öijared resort

New Tora in Chabbad-house of Gothenburg – 2014

10 Year Anniversary of Rune Seléns Culture Fund.
At The Opera of Goteborg – 2014.

jonkoping 2015
A fruitful Klezmer project springtime 2015 in Jönköping / Sweden. In Huskvarna and Dalviks churches with their choirs and local musicians. Produced by my friend Linda Sandstrom. A blessed musician and conductor. Happiness, Yiddischkeit  – The power of Music with Adonays spiritual guidance. Local Radio SR Interview ( in swedish )

2015 a new concept
BBS; BeatBobSalA duo project with Robert Malton, electronic dance and lounge music 
with catchy brass for both tough clubs and softer events / lounge gigsLounge lineup

A new collaboration with Mikael Fridén the new Cathedral organ player of GoteborgPremiereconcert 1 August 2015

Klezmer weekend in Jönköping with Stefan Einhorn – feb. 2016

Summer gigs with The Helperin brothers
Varbergs Fortress – 2016

The Gothenburg Cathedral duo.
Sacral music – Gothenburg Cathedral, 2015, 2016, 2017

PB’s memorial church service, 2016

Memorial ceremony of the Holocaust in 2017

Serenad Conserts at Gunnebo Castle and Gardens 2017

Consert with MBO 2017-10-21

Concert with Alicia Svigals the World Culture Museum in Goteborg, 2018

Israel’s 70th anniversary Israel’s 70th anniversary at NIMBUS, May 2018 / Iyar 5778 Association of Swedish Israeli Friendship Confederation

New collaboration with Larisa Ljungkrona.

Holocaust Day 2019. This year, the first time no survivor could give a personal testimony. Let’s never forget!

Concert with Bo Urban Nordgren in Annedalskyrkan. 2019-02-19
The new organ is fantastic!

Varberg StumFilmsFestival 2019-download mov1.

A completely unique art event, a silent film festival in Varberg 23-35 May 2019. Student films together with two Buster Keaton and the legendary ”METROPOLIS” by Fritz Lang. Large orchestra at Varberg’s Theater (pictured), small ensembles at café shows and a special Metropolis-ensemble of 11 musicians-readers, students and signed. Specially composed music for all 8 movies of my self. Great joy ! –download mov.2

Rehearsals for the Holocaust Memorial Day 2020. Landvetter Church – youth work incorporates the Memorial Day in the form of a traditional Mass.

Memorial Day / Fair, became a magical moment. 100 I received a great deal of support from participating with the 100 confederates and church pastors and leaders. A worthy way to remember that we must never forget.


2020; The 15 years Anniversary of Tower Music in the Cathedral Gothenburg – Over 130 concerts.

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Photo: 2020©Tomas Ferngren, Kristin Lidell, Shlomo Lewi, BBS, Mikael Olsson,
Robert Malton, Thore Rodelius, Peter Olovsson