RIDER – Salomon Helperin, with/without band:


Flights, train tickets and hotel receipts are sent to our agent AlphaOmega Music AB no later than 6 weeks before the event. Safe pickup at the airport, train station – to the back room. If the soundcheck time is more than three hours after the arrival time, we check in at hotel before sound check and you transport us so we arrive at the stage / backroom 30 minutes before the soundcheck.

Back Line;
Small set up:

Line up: Salomon Helperin, set up – (15 minutes before soundcheck)
Stage: 230 volts, 2 chairs without armrests, 1 smaller low table, 2 stable music stands (self-adjusting lights)
2 microphone stand, mineral water, two smaller handcuffs.
Backline – my own: 2 Wireless Microphone System (Sennheiser) transmission frequency –
system A) 749,000MHz, system. Possible to change frequency within the eW 100 G2 band
B) 831,000 MHz. Possible to change frequency within the eW 100 G3 band.
Audio outputs: (from my Focusrite Clarett sound card)
Stereo, 2 mono tele – into your two line box / stage box.
Monitors: no big deal…

Large set up – with more musicians:

Same as ”the small set up” + more 230 sockets, 4 chairs without armrests, 3 smaller low tables, 4 stable music stands (self-adjusting lights), 4 microphone stand for our staff, moor smaller handcuffs and miner water, 4 dynamic and 6 cond. microphones with stands, 6 line boxes Monitors: 2 systems

My small audio system:

If the event has no audio system – I’ll take my BOSE L1 mix/amp/speaker. Good for smaller rooms where the audience is under 150 people. Also included is a wire microphone for speech and connection from external audio source, like: computers, ipods/phoone (3,5 mm tele)


Safe, clean and tidy room with sink and shower. No windows. If possible, lockable door: The backroom and stage must be in a building that has preparedness for various safety aspects. Clean cups and glasses. Coffee, milk, mineral water, some fresh fruit. Protein bread with different cheeses and greens. (as kosher as possible. If possible kosher parve / milsch – no kind of pig, ham or seafood) Well shield vegetables and fruit. Clean towels – in paper and cotton.


Simple with clean and tidy single room in a quiet nice **** hotel that has no adjacent disco. Hotel room window towards backyard. Air conditioned and extra blankets and pillows should be provided without request. Mineral water and a little shield fresh fruit in the room, with continental breakfast, free WiFi with at least 50 Mbit / s download capacity. Preferably on the second or third floor. The hotel must have a good safety plan with clear escape routes. Ideally, security doors and own security guard who are familiar with the local security situation.