In addition to each individual mission having its own agreement, there are daily start-up costs for all types of events. Start-up-compensation of € 1 500 / <day.
The cost can in some cases be settled as a gift of € 500 / <day to; Chabad. (via bank or swish)

The following points apply in principle to all agreements:
* Legal representatives of the contracting parties.
* Detailed description of where / what / when / how the order is to be carried out.
* How mutual reporting obligations should function and be handled.
* Management of finances.

Each individual agreement concerning all types of Events, Concerts, license management, mechanical rights and publishing rights, as well as regarding copyright with the publishers AlphaOmega Music, AlphaGroup, Gelb Publishers, BenkeGroup, is handled legally according to Swedish, European, Israeli and American law. This is the basis for all agreements where Salomon Helperin acts as a signatory.